Our Team

Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis is co-founder of Ingenesis Ltd, and the lead developer of their ecommerce plugin, Shopp. Jonathan has been a co-organizer of WordCamp Columbus since 2012 and is the lead organizer of the WordPress Columbus Meetup.

Dave Donaldson

Dave is one of the founders of Max Foundry, where he leads product development for their free and commercial plugins, such as MaxGalleria, MaxButtons Pro, and MaxInbound. Dave joined the WordCamp Columbus organizing¬†team in 2012 and is also an organizer and regular speaker at the Columbus WordPress Meetup. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s a member of the WordPress Editorial Review Team for Smashing Magazine.

Angie Meeker

Angie Meeker lives in Columbus, OH, owner of Angie Meeker Designs (www.angiemeekerdesigns.com), and has been the lead organizer of WordCamp Columbus since 2011. She is a co-organizer of the Columbus WordPress Meetup and a regular speaker. Angie dreams of having an entire wall filled with National Geographics, and wrote this entire blurb in third person herself.