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  1. Nancy Rhynard

    I did purchase an individual ticket today for $40 and do need an invoice and receipt.

    thank you and I look forward to this workshop!

    Nancy Rhynard

  2. Erik Meyer

    I registered and paid today and got the confirmation. I know the event takes place on 2/3 August in the Ohio Union building, but I am seeking in vain for the starting hour. It must be mentioned somewhere on the site, but I have not found it yet. Please help. Thanks

    1. AMEEKER Post author

      It’s not actually, not yet. But alas, I have what you’re looking for (and sorry for the delay – your comment was in the spam folder). It starts at 9AM both days, and ends at 5PM both days. A schedule of the session times will be posted this week.

    1. AMEEKER Post author

      Sure! The cost is the same whether you attend both days or just one, but you’re welcome to come for just one or the other.

    1. AMEEKER Post author

      Hi Arlen,
      Could you please tell me the email address you used to purchase your ticket originally? It will be the same one I use to retrieve your receipt.


      Angie Meeker

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